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Fencing Classes for Kids & Adults

  • Modern Fencing Academy is a leading international fencing club in Singapore. We welcome kids and adults of all ages.

  • We offer beginner and elite fencing programs for kids and youths.

  • We also offer fencing classes for experienced and beginner adults who want to stay active and agile.

  • We accept children from 6 years old. Over 5-7 years our children progress to a competitive level until they are ready to compete at the highest international events.

International Community

  • We offer expertise from our renowned coaches that one may require to become the best fencer in Singapore.

  • We are honoured to have a truly international coaching team on all three weapons. 

  • The key pedagogical focus of our coaching methods is to develop the fundamentals at a young age.

  • The lessons that our children learn go far beyond sports and discipline; they are endless, inspiring and, who knows, maybe life-changing. 


We know it can be a little scary trying something new, so we invite you to come and try a fencing class at our family-friendly centers. Our trial classes are open, which means parents are welcome to watch! 

Send us an e-mail: info@modern-fencing.org

Call/WhatsApp: (65) 8202 3662

Trial lesson plan (for age 9+)

  1. Safety in Fencing (5 min)

  2. Introduction to Fencing (5 min)

  3. Fencing positions and Footwork (20 min)

  4. Target exercises (15 min)

  5. Electric Fencing (30min)

  6. Wrap up (15 min)

Experienced Fencer?
Children and adults with previous fencing experience, please contact us at 



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Our story

The club was founded in 2007 by Coach Alexey Karpov, who coached national athletes in Russia and Singapore.

During his time as Singapore’s coach, the national team took 29 medals in international fencing competitions in Australia, Hong Kong, Taipei, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore (out of the 29 victories, there are 6 medals from SEA Games and SEAFF). 

Alexey, a longtime educator who touched the lives of hundreds of students as a fencing coach and teacher died of a heart attack while coaching his students at a fencing tournament in 2012. He was 50 years old.

Alexey’s role as a youth coach was crucial. He would truly make you believe that your defeats and failures are only temporary. In fact, he would make you accept that temporary failures are better than temporary success!

Alexey left a lasting legacy, which we are honored to continue.

Modern Fencing Academy

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