Adult Programs

We are one of the few clubs in Singapore, that offers all 3 weapons for regular adult fencers. The program focuses on enjoyable training, with enough tournaments to satisfy the participants. Fencers meet 3 times per week. 



Adult Beginners


Accelerated Beginner program for adults (age 14+) - this program is for adult beginners intending to join experienced adults and youths classes. The lessons focus on a gradual building of fencing skills and developing strengths without any danger, pain or difficulty.

Stay in shape

Fencing allows us to stay in shape physically while including our brain in the workout. All this and you're having a great time doing it!

The third dimension

Our muscles work in three directions. Fencing works the third dimension that we do not use often in our day-to-day lives. Even working out at the gym doesn’t hit this third level.


As we grow older muscles start to weaken and the ones that aren't used as many start to go first. This results in physical problems in joints and back problems as the muscles weaken. The exercise of fencing strengthens and stretches these muscles so they can stay active and strong.


You will be sore after your lesson. This happens to everyone and it is a good thing. The soreness tells you that your muscles are being worked and strengthened. Children may not understand the soreness and may not want to return because they don’t like how it feels. You can assure them that the soreness will go away as they get stronger. They may not understand that it is a good thing for them.


Equipment: At this level, all fencing equipment is provided by the club.

Program duration: 10 classes

Lesson duration: 90min

Locations: Marina Square at 6 Raffles Blvd.

Next enrolment: October-December

Classes: Fridays 8:30-10pm

1st Class: 4th October

Course fee: $500/10 classes

Registration: $100


Equipment provided for the full course.


Experienced Adult Classes


Youths and working Adults Epee/Foil/Saber - this is group classes for experienced adult fencers and students who are looking for professional fencing training. Participation time fits the lifestyle and needs of the individual.

Equipment: Fencers must have own fencing equipment.

Recommended attendance: Students meet 1-4 times

Class duration: Class duration 2hrs

Locations: Marina Square at 6 Raffles Blvd.

Adult Sparring

Equipment: Fencers must have own fencing equipment.

Recommended attendance: 1-2 times/week

Class duration: Class duration 1.5hrs

Locations: Marina Square at 6 Raffles Blvd.




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