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Kids Camp

in Oct-Dec 2020

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- Fencing Gear provided

- All Campers will receive branded T-shirts!



Kids Beginner Camp


One of the best sports camps to try this season!

Designed for beginners to intermediate students, our coaches will be able to scale the class for students' age and level. 
If your child is an intermediate fencer, the intensive training will take him to the next level of fencing.
Oh! The stuff we'll learn! Creative storylines and special themes. With our silver masks, swords and loads of games, everyone gets excited, enthused and a bit sweaty!

The new fencer will learn or polish the proper fencing technique:
- footwork and blade work
- distance control
- learn fencing etiquette
- fencing rules
- basic refereeing
- will do real fencing tournaments with electric equipment

Kids Beginner Camp Details


 5 kids/group

Camp 1: 12-14 Oct (Mon- Wed)  10am-12am (6hrs - 3days

Camp 2: 15-16 Oct (Thu & Fri) 10-1pm (6hrs - 2 days)

Camp 3: 19-21 Oct (Mon- Wed)  10am-12pm (6hrs - 3 days)

Camp 4: 12-23 Oct (Thu & Fri) 10-1pm (6hrs - 2days)

Camp Training Schedule:

10:00am-12:00am (Mon-Wed) 6hrs

10:00am-1:00pm (Thu -Fri) 6hrs


Camp fee:​

$250 - 6 hrs (2 or 3 days)

tel/WhatsApp: (65) 82023662 if you have any questions.

Modern Fencing Academy

6 Raffles Boulevard, 02-36, Singapore 039594


Contact us: 
mobile/whatsapp. +65 8202 3662

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