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Maestro Igor Celli - Head of Saber Program



Igor Celli started training in fencing at the age of 10 and stayed in Milan, Italy.


He came from a family of cyclists but chose to pursue fencing. Under the old classic Italian training method, he did not try out any electric fencing and only did footwork and drills as part of his training as a new fencer. Igor participated in his first fencing competition a year later.


He travelled 270km along with his father to Venice only to lose badly in his first competition. He lost all matches and did not managed to score any points. This experience only served to make him more determined to become a better fencer and subsequently, a better coach.


After obtaining his professional degree in accounting, coach Igor, though, decided to follow his passion to pass on his knowledge and experience to new aspiring fencers.

Not only has Igor become an accomplished fencer, but he is a true 3-weapon Maestro - Igor was also awarded the title of “Fencing Master” (Maestro di Scherma) by the Accademia Nazionale Scherma in Italy and then, during his stay in the USA - “Master of Arms” (Maitre d’Armes) by the United States Fencing Coach Association.

A brilliant speaker, Igor was a Lecturer in clinics for fencing coaches, organized by Mexican Fencing Federation.

At Modern Fencing, Igor prides himself on creating a fun, engaging, and memorable class atmosphere for his athletes.

Igor Coaching Highlights

For many years Igor was a Head Coach of University of Milan, worked with the Junior and Senior Teams.

He was then invited to lead the Mexican Sabre National Team, which achieved brilliant results under Igor's mentorship.

International SABER Senior (FIE)

  • Silver at Pan American Games, Guadalajara (Mex) Women’s Sabre Team (2011)

  • Bronze at Senior Pan American Championship, Reno(Usa) Women’s Sabre Team(2011)

  • 7° Senior Pan American Championship, Reno (Usa) Women’s Sabre Individual (2011)

International SABER Junior and Cadet (FIE)

  • Gold Cadet Asian Championship, Manama (Brn) Women’s Sabre Team (2016)

  • Gold and Bronze Junior Pan American Champ I. Margarita (Ven) Women’s Sabre Ind(2011)

  • Bronze and 6th at Cadet Asian Championship, Manama (Brn) Women’s Sabre ind. (2016)

  • 5th place at Asian Cadet Championship Abu Dhabi (UAE) Women’s Sabre Ind. (2015)

  • 5th and 6th place at Junior World Cup, Bangkok (Tha) Women’s Sabre Ind. (2014)

International SABER Junior and Cadet

  • Gold Australian Junior Championship Brisbane (Aus) Men’s Sabre Ind (2016)

  • Gold Hong Kong Junior Fencing Championship (Hkg) Women’s Sabre Ind (2016)

  •  Gold Indonesian Regional Qual. Championship U17 Jakarta (Ini) Men’s Sabre Ind (2015)

  • Gold Indonesian Regional Qual. Championship U20 Jakarta (Ini) Men’s Sabre Ind (2015)

Olga Kutsenko

Foil Program - coming soon at Bukit Timah

Olga  - is a professional teacher and a former Elite Foil fencer from Ukraine.

Olga holds a title of the Qualified Master of Sports, a title awarded by the Ukrainian Sports Federation to outstanding athletes in recognition of their athletic achievements and making positive impact to the society and National sports.

Olga was a member of the highly competitive Ukraine National Foil Team and was a multiple medallist of the Ukraine Nationals and  EU Championships from 2007 to 2012.

Olga graduated from the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Education and Fencing.

After graduation Olga worked at the Ukraine Sports School of Olympic Reserve where she was a responsible for the Foil Program and worked predominantly with National Cadets and Juniors preparing them for EU Cadet and Junior Competitions.

The students in Olga’s program develop the skills that allow them to become very successful fencers by the time they graduate high school, which allows them to pursue admission at many elite universities.

Recognising the international nature of Singapore, Olga also aims to help students studying and living in Singapore to join National Teams for their home countries.

Olga's Education

Olga holds a Bachelor's degree in Sports Education and Fencing from the National Ukraine University of Physical Education and Sports'


Kids Beginners programs

Anastasia Karpova (volunteer)


Classes with Anastasia are inspiring, invigorating and entertaining. Having grown up in a family of great fencing pedigree - her father was a national coach of the Singapore epee team and her grandfather was a trainer and professor at Smolensk University of Physical Culture (Russia) - Anastasia is continuing her family’s legacy of fencing excellence, both as a fencer and as a coach.

Her classes focus the fundamentals of fencing together with character development in a fun and meaningful way; attributes that nurture our young fencers’ passion for the sport.  


Anastasia is currently assisting in kids' classes to deepen her knowledge in coaching methodologies.

Anastasia holds a First Aid Certificate and holds a Bachelor's degree. 

Anastasia is engaged as a volunteer, contributing to Modern Fencing, the club Anastasia trains at. 






Lev is our Elite Epee Fencers. 

A successful manager in a Multinational company based in Singapore, Lev is sometimes engaged as a volunteer, contributing to Modern Fencing, the club Lev trains at. 


As a coach, Lev is entertaining yet demanding. He encourages his students to achieve the best - both mentally and physically. Driven by his passion for fencing, Lev ensures his instructions are given precisely and in a clear context to aid his students to achieve their utmost.

At Modern Fencing, Coach Lev nurtures our young talents (age 7-8, 9-11) and develops every aspect of our budding fencers: their technique, tactics, and mental strength.


2012 (bronze) - 15 yrs.old

2013 (gold)     - 16 yrs.old

2014 (gold)     - 17 yrs.old

2015 (gold)     - 18 yrs.old

2016 (gold)     - 19 yrs.old

National Junior Championships (Singapore)

Cadet World Cup (Singapore)

2014 (bronze) - 17 yrs.old


2016 (bronze) - 19 yrs.old

2017 (bronze) - 20 yrs.old

2017 (gold) - 21 yrs.old

National (Senior) Championships (Singapore)

2015 (silver) - 18 yrs.old

Taipei (Seniors) Open

Lev's story


Lev started fencing at our Academy when he was 15 – a relatively late age for an athlete. 

Thanks to his first coach, Alexey Karpov, Lev progressed very fast and by the end of his first year of training, he became the strongest cadet Epee fencer in Singapore, year after year proving to be the strongest fencer, first in Cadet category (U17), followed by Junior category (U21). 

His philosophy and sports spirit separate him from most athletes. Not only did he manage to outrun his older and more experienced sports opponents, but he also proved to be the strongest fencing athlete in the Singapore Junior category after just one year of training.

From the age of 16-year Lev has been ranked No. 1 in Singapore in Junior Category (U21). 

Lev's advice to beginner fencers.


"...It may be difficult to believe but with these five simple rules, I manage to get out of bed early on weekends for competitions.

1. Have a vision
2. Think big
3. Ignore the naysayers
4. Work your ass off
5. Give something back

Becoming a good athlete is similar to becoming a good musician or an actor. Years of daily practice in hopes of reaching technical perfection to be able to perform your skills and outmatch your opponent.


However, fencing also includes a very strong tactical factor which depends on how quickly you are able to think at a particular second and which solution is best to surpass your opponent’s barriers.


A fencing bout can be compared to a melody or a movie. It has its beginning or a debut, its climax and an outcome, satisfying for you or not depending on the result of the climax.


Your story depends on how well you were preparing it during training and also on the experience at numerous competitions.

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