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Fencing Beginner/ Intermediate Camp

Kids Fencing International

High Performance Camp

What to expect

Designed for beginners to intermediate students, our coaches will be able to scale the class for students age and level. 

If your child is an intermediate fencer, the intensive training will take him to the next level of fencing.

Oh! The stuff we'll learn! Creative storylines and special themes. With our plastic masks, colorful foam swords and loads of games, everyone gets excited, enthused and a bit sweaty!

Electric fencing in white fencing gear is included in the final lesson!

What we'll learn:

The new fencer will learn or polish the proper fencing technique:

  • footwork and blade work

  • distance control

  • learn fencing etiquette

  • fencing rules

  • basic refereeing

  • will do real fencing tournaments with electric equipment


All campers will receive branded Modern Fencing T-shirt and the Fencing Certificate!


Camp details



20-22 November 2019 @ Marina Square (Local schools)

16-18 December 2019 @ Marina Square (Int. & Local schools)

Training Schedule:

9:00am-12:00pm (Mon-Fri)



  • $200 - 3 days of fencing

10%OFF for Modern Fencing Students & Siblings


Register at:

WhatsApp: (65) 82023662

We welcome children from the South East Region to join our High Performance Camp!

This is a highly intense holiday program conducted for experienced fencers age 9-14 looking to accelerate their skills through 20 hours of structured training.

The daily training is split into morning and evening sessions, 2 hours each.

While the morning sessions will be more focused on fencing drills, multiple repetitions and memorization of fencing techniques, including but not limited to Italian footsteps, the evening sessions will be fencing bouts with focus on special tactical exercises and sparrings with National Team members. 

High Performance Camp details

5 days, 20 hours


22-26 June 2020 @ Marina Square



Training Schedule:

11am-1pm (morning) and 6-8pm (evening sessions)


Training Schedule:

9am-11pm (morning) and 4-6pm (evening session)


  • $500 - 5 days of fencing

  • $350 - 3 days of fencing

  • $300 - 5 days for Modern Fencing students & affiliated schools.

Early Birds Discounts (register and pay before 31st of May): 10%OFF


Additional sibling 10% discount.


Please register at:

WhatsApp: (65) 82023662

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