Kids & Youth High Performance (Epee & Saber)

Kids & Youths Age 12+



The club is excited to offer this additional level of training for dedicated and highly motivated athletes.

The program is athlete-centered and focuses exclusively on preparing fencers for future Asia and World Championships for Cadet, Junior, and Senior categories.

The program is for local and international students living in Singapore and planning to achieve TOP ranking positions in their countries.

Participation in the program requires a commitment to the sport on a completely different level. It also requires a lot of discipline and significant participation in international competitions.


The objective of the program is to cultivate the vision and dream of being a top world fencer.

Fencers train 10-15 hours a week. Each fencer trains according to his or her individual plan, which determines the goal of each competition.



At this level, all Modern Fencing athletes must have the highest knowledge of fencing rules, and be able to use this knowledge to positively affect their performance.

Coach is monitoring mental skills development, such as maturity and independence.

The club helps prepare athletes to manage the demand of media surrounding a major competition that athletes might take part in.

The program is specially developed for athletes living and studying in Singapore and ensures a perfect balance between high-level fencing and academics pressure. 

During the class, the athlete works on advanced exercises and drills and focus on resistance to mental fatigue, precision, and sureness of execution, adaptability to unforeseen circumstances. Students develop the right attitude: commitment, courage, self-discipline, the will to win and emotional stability. 

Individual lessons are year-round, 1-2 sessions per week according to the individual needs of a fencer. Fencers regularly compete in local and overseas competitions.

All High-Performance fencers should represent Modern Fencing Academy as their primary club. Fencers that represent their school CCA should indicate their school as a secondary club.





Attendance: Students meet 4 times a week + 1-2 private lessons/week

Program duration: indefinite

Class duration: 2 hrs.

Locations: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Blvd, 02-36

To ensure that the high-level of the training team is not jeopardized, the program is invitational and assessment-based.

Make an appointment to speak with the head coach:


Tel/WhatsApp: 82023662

Our Fencers

We are proud that many of our students, that started fencing as a CCA or as an after-school activity with Modern Fencing, continue fencing and now represent their countries as National Team athletes.

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