Epee Programs

Kids U10/12

This program is for young fencers who have completed the Fencing Fun or Foundation program or fenced before in another fencing club.

The program introduces young fencers to a more competitive training regime. Electric fencing on the piste is included in each class.

Fencers learn Epee-specific fencing skills such as blade work and footwork, prepare and take part in their first U10/U12 competitions in Singapore and in the region. 

The coach assesses children regularly and based on the child's readiness recommend when to move onto the next level.

It is expected that fencers start taking private fencing lessons: it will allow coaches to customize the learning for the skill level and individuality of the child.


Fencers must have own equipment, including electric equipment for competitions.                

- Epee size 3 for U10/U12 competitions in Singapore and for training.

- 2 sets are compulsory for all competitions


Fencers meet 2-3 times a week


- Fencers should know and understand the rules of fencing and good sportsmanship.            - Appropriate training and competition behavior, including interactions with peers, officials, coaches.               

- Sense of respect for opponents


- Local and international Minime U10 and U12

Youth U14

Fencers increase their skill repertoire: technical skills, tactics, and strategy; develop an individual fencing style and adapt performance skills in a variety of competitive situations.

Fencers refine the ability to understand the key principles related to training, competition, and recovery.           

Fencers learn how and successfully manage school studies, training, nutrition, sleep, and competitions.


2-3 sets of weapons are compulsory for all competitions.

Weapon size 5 - students switch to adult weapon size


100-120 classes/per year - 2-year program


3-4 sessions weekly; minimum of 10 hours per week of fencing training

For Sec 1-4 students the program can be used as a substitute for a school CCA. 


Fencers start competing in local and international Cadets and Junior events while continuing at Minime U14 


A discounted program for experienced working adults and Uni/Poly students who are looking for professional fencing training. Participation time fits the lifestyle and needs of the individual. The program is open for Adults 21+, NS Men, Poly/Uni students.



Fencers must have own fencing equipment


Students meet 1-4 times


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