Foil Programs (at Bukit Timah)

Kids Foil Pre-Competitve (Beginners to Intermediate)

Age 8-12

FOCUS on fun and participation:  ‘Learning while having fun, and having fun while learning’. 


  • Course: 40-50 classes:  1-year program. 

  • Age: 8-12 years old. 

  • 1– 2 sessions of 1- 1.5-hour duration per week. 


  • There is no formal competition at this stage.

  • We just monitor children's progress and provide individual results in a progress report, not in a ranking.


  • Modified fencing equipment such as Mini Fence,   electric equipment is used at every class.

  • General games to introduce speed, agility, coordination,  balance and physical literacy.

  • Clear, simple communication of all instructions. 

  • Basic footwork and fencing technique activities in all lessons. 

  • Group lessons. No individual lessons at this stage.

  • A regular routine that creates a predictable pattern of activities for young fencers.

  • The “when” and “why” of technical actions. 

  • Basic fencing terminology and convention, both in training and in competitive-type (bout) situations.


  • Respect for a safe environment.

  • Saluting and shaking hands. 

  • Respecting the beginning and end of bouts.

  • Good sportsmanship.

  • Concepts of fair play.

  • Mistakes are learning opportunities, not catastrophes.

Competitive Youth & Adults

Age 12 and older

Fencers increase their skill repertoire: technical skills, tactics, and strategy; develop an individual fencing style and adapt performance skills in a variety of competitive situations.

Fencers refine the ability to understand the key principles related to training, competition, and recovery.           

Fencers learn how and successfully manage school studies, training, nutrition, sleep, and competitions.


2-3 sets of weapons are compulsory for all competitions.

Weapon size 5 - students switch to adult weapon size


100-120 classes/per year


3-4 sessions weekly; minimum of 10 hours per week of fencing training

For Sec 1-4 students the program can be used as a substitute for a school CCA. 





-  Regional and Super Youth circuits

-  Junior, Cadet and Youth SINGAPORE CUP

-  International development competitions 

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