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The best age to start fencing


For a long time it has been normal to begin fencing from the age of 10-12, although in Italy, for example, children start as early as 6-7 years old.

We believe that 6-7 years old is the earliest time for a child to truly begin their fencing education.

At this age, children start to better understand the concepts of learning.

Classes for 6-7-year-olds are more about having fun and instilling interest in fencing, but they can also provide a solid foundation for them to continue fencing as they get older. 

The best way to find out is to bring your little fencer down to the club and see how they perform with other kids of their age.

This is the way we go at Modern Fencing Academy!




Beginner learning tools


Footwork exercise mat

Specially designed by Modern fencing, the 'Footwork-piste' ensures that the young fencers learn the correct positions and biomechanics for the fencing moves.

Modern Fencing Passport

Our passport is a great way for young fencers to keep records of their lessons. 

When you come for your class, pass your passport to your coach to get a sticker! Collect all 12 stickers and receive your first fencing certificate. 

Fencing gear

We provide fencing equipment for all development programs (Fencing Fun and Beginner accelerated program.  We use Leon Paul (UK) branded equipment specially developed for children who start their first steps in fencing.




Kids Beginner Programs

Fencing Fun (age 6-7)  

The program is specially designed for kids age 6-8 and lasts 12 months. This program is an ideal way to introduce fencing in a fun and informative way. Children use plastic masks and colorful foam swords. Specially designed by Modern fencing, the 'Footwork-piste' ensures that the young fencers learn the correct positions and biomechanics for the fencing moves. Upon program completion kids progress to weapon-specific Pre-competitive programs (Epee, Foil or Saber).


Equipment: At this level, all fencing equipment is provided by the club.

Attendance: Students meet 1 time a week.

Program duration: 12 months

Class duration: 1h

Enrolment: monthly

Locations: Marina Square at 6 Raffles Blvd & Temasek Club at Bukit Timah

Price: $180/month



Fencing Pre-Competitive (age 8-12) 

The program is specially designed for kids age 8-12 with no previous experience. The accelerated program lasts 12-24 weeks (3-6 months), during which students learn specific fencing skills, such as footwork and blade work, target work, work in pairs. 

During the course, children are introduced to all three weapons: Epee, Foil and Saber and electric fencing on the piste. Upon program completion kids have free sessions with the Heads of Epee, Foil, and Saber programs, select the suitable weapons and progress to the weapon-specific Competitive U10/12 groups (Epee, Foil or Saber).


Equipment: At this level, all fencing equipment is provided by the club.

Attendance: Students meet 1 time a week.

Program duration: 12-24 weeks (3-6 months)

Class duration: 1hr. 30min.

Enrollment: monthly

Location: Marina Square at 6 Raffles Blvd  & Temasek Club at Bukit Timah

Price: $180/month

Who will teach your children




Anastasia is Stella! Her classes are inspiring, invigorating and entertaining. She is intelligent, strict and refined at the same time.


Having grown up in a family of great fencing pedigree - her father was a national coach of the Singapore epee team and her grandfather was a trainer and professor at Smolensk University of Physical Culture (Russia) - Anastasia is continuing her family’s legacy of fencing excellence, both as a fencer and as a coach.


Her classes focus the fundamentals of fencing together with character development in a fun and meaningful way; attributes that nurture our young fencers’ passion for the sport.  


Anastasia holds a First Aid Certificate and holds a Bachelor's degree. 

Anastasia is engaged as a volunteer, contributing to Modern Fencing, the club Anastasia trains at. 



Lev's Achievements

2012 (bronze) - 15 yrs.old

2013 (gold)     - 16 yrs.old

2014 (gold)     - 17 yrs.old

2015 (gold)     - 18 yrs.old

2016 (gold)     - 19 yrs.old

National Junior Championships (Singapore)

Cadet World Cup (Singapore)

2014 (bronze) - 17 yrs.old


2016 (bronze) - 19 yrs.old

2017 (bronze) - 20 yrs.old

2017 (gold) - 21 yrs.old

National (Senior) Championships (Singapore)

2015 (silver) - 18 yrs.old

Taipei (Seniors) Open




Lev is our Elite Epee Fencers. 

A successful manager in a Multinational company based in Singapore, Lev is sometimes engaged as a volunteer, contributing to Modern Fencing, the club Lev trains at. 


As a coach, Lev is entertaining yet demanding. He encourages his students to achieve the best - both mentally and physically. Driven by his passion for fencing, Lev ensures his instructions are given precisely and in a clear context to aid his students to achieve their utmost.

At Modern Fencing, Coach Lev nurtures our young talents (age 7-8, 9-11) and develops every aspect of our budding fencers: their technique, tactics, and mental strength.


Lev's story


Lev started fencing at our Academy when he was 15 – a relatively late age for an athlete. 

Thanks to his first coach, Alexey Karpov, Lev progressed very fast and by the end of his first year of training, he became the strongest cadet Epee fencer in Singapore, year after year proving to be the strongest fencer, first in Cadet category (U17), followed by Junior category (U21). 

His philosophy and sports spirit separate him from most athletes. Not only did he manage to outrun his older and more experienced sports opponents, but he also proved to be the strongest fencing athlete in the Singapore Junior category after just one year of training.

From the age of 16-year Lev has been ranked No. 1 in Singapore in Junior Category (U21). 

Lev's advice to beginner fencers.


"...It may be difficult to believe but with these five simple rules, I manage to get out of bed early on weekends for competitions.

1. Have a vision
2. Think big
3. Ignore the naysayers
4. Work your ass off
5. Give something back

Becoming a good athlete is similar to becoming a good musician or an actor. Years of daily practice in hopes of reaching technical perfection to be able to perform your skills and outmatch your opponent.


However, fencing also includes a very strong tactical factor which depends on how quickly you are able to think at a particular second and which solution is best to surpass your opponent’s barriers.


A fencing bout can be compared to a melody or a movie. It has its beginning or a debut, its climax and an outcome, satisfying for you or not depending on the result of the climax.


Your story depends on how well you were preparing it during training and also on the experience at numerous competitions.

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