Age groups 5-7, 8-12, 13-15

Dear Parents and Fencers,

Welcome to the online fencing experience.

We are working hard to set up our online fencing platform to continue working with most of our students on their fencing skills and more.

Our classes are age and level-based.


Looking forward to seeing you or your child in the online session.

Stay happy and healthy!

Modern Fencing Team



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The online classes structure

Doing online classes requires a completely different level of preparation and planning, and significantly more time and energy. 

We have created a unique curriculum for each program.

The programs are developed and conducted by our Head Coaches, Gabor Kolczoany and Igor Celli.


The online classes will consist of the theory and practice parts:

  • Theory 

  • Conditioning

    • At these classes, we are taking the conditioning to the next level.

  • Technical exercises

    •  E.g. footwork and handwork, specific isometric exercises, such as fencing position squats or lunges that you stand in for an extended time – the exercises that will help fencers to keep in decent shape when you cannot work out in the fencing club.

  • Tactical exercises

The online theory modules

It is not a secret that with the limited time that we spend at fencing clubs, the coaches prioritize practical exercises over theory. 

This is our time! Actually, the coaches are happy to share their knowledge, theorize for 10-15 minutes every class.

They have a wealth of knowledge!

Every module for each level is different, so try not to miss it.

What you need to join the class

The Online Video Platform


Seeing and being seen is important

The most important thing is organizing the space so that the coach can see the whole space. The coach cannot give student feedback unless they can see what students are doing! They need to be able to see the student’s feet! 

We will be using Zoom. It is free for students. All you need is to download the program.

- We only need a 2x2m area for the exercises
- We suggest using a yoga mat if possible
- We suggest being in sports attire and shoes
- Have a water bottle and towel nearby
- We will mainly use what we already have (Glove, weapon, mask,...)

Notice that the fencer is visible from the view of the camera and that also he can see the screen too. 

Fee $180/course

Each course consists of a different number of modules/classes 

Kids - 6-weekend classes

U10/12 - 10 classes

Competitive U14, Youths & Adults - 14 classes

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