Updated: Dec 26, 2019

16 DECEMBER 2019

On the 16th December, there was a Senior Team Competition in Singapore, where more than 15 teams from Singapore and foreign clubs took part.

There were 3 teams from Modern Fencing.

Gold medal for Modern Fencing Team 🥇Gold – Victor Baffet 🥇Gold – Lev Panfilov

🥇Gold – Electra Goh 🥇Gold – Mark Dembitz

Fencing has team events that are equally as important as individual events. You may say that it may be less prestigious and if you want to be a true legend of fencing that people will remember you have to be an individualist. Let’s be honest, that is true. However, team results are much more stable than individual. There is less pressure on one person and effort is equally spread between the teammates. Hence, it is much more enjoyable as you have a result of collective work that you can share with each other, bond and create memories over.

In team, all of you will acquire a sense of pride for what you do and a sense of bigger responsibility for others! Although only two people fence on the piste at one time, the score in a team event is shared between three fencers and the bouts last until 45 points! So you’ll have more time to fence, cheer and express all the emotions you have!💪🤺

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