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Kids Saber U10/12

This program is for young fencers who have completed the Fencing Fun or Foundation program or fenced before in another fencing club.

The program introduces young fencers to a more competitive training regime. Electric fencing on the piste is included in each class.

Fencers learn Saber-specific fencing skills, prepare and take part in their first Saber U10/U12 competitions in Singapore and in the region. 

The coach assesses children regularly and based on the child's readiness recommend when to move onto the next level.


Fencers must have own equipment, including electric equipment for competitions.                

- Saber size 3 for U10/U12 competitions in Singapore and for training.

- 2 sets are compulsory for all competitions


Fencers meet 2-3 times a week


- Fencers should know and understand the rules of fencing and good sportsmanship.            - Appropriate training and competition behavior, including interactions with peers, officials, coaches.               

- Sense of respect for opponents


- Local and international Minime U10 and U12

Kids & Youth High Performance 12+

The program is specially developed for young fencers living and studying in Singapore and ensures a perfect balance between high-level fencing and academics pressure.

During the class, the fencers work on advanced exercises and drills and focus on resistance to mental fatigue, precision, and sureness of execution, adaptability to unforeseen circumstances.

At this stage, fencers focus on developing individual fencing style and learn how to adapt it to a variety of competitive situations.  

At this stage, it is important that fencers know how to successfully manage school studies, training, nutrition, sleep, and competitions. Fencers are introduced to concepts of sports science, learn how to prepare for competition in other countries. 

Fencers follow the coach's competition calendar; the coach helps to optimize sport-specific physical preparation (endurance, dynamics, power, speed, flexibility and speed change) according to the individual fencer's needs. Individual lessons are year-round, 1-2 sessions per week according to the individual needs of a fencer.

ETIQUETTE & BEHAVIOUR                     

- Fencers maintain personal integrity and act as a public ambassador for Modern Fencing Academy and for Singapore

Fencers must have the highest knowledge of rules of fencing, and be able to use it to positively affect performance

FENCING TRAINING               

- Fencers train 3-4 classes per week;  2 hours per session,          

For Sec 1-4 students the program can be used as a substitute for a school CCA.                                 



- Local and International Minime U14

- Cadets & Junior competitions       

- All High-Performance fencers should represent Modern Fencing Academy as their primary club. Saber Fencers that represent their schools can also indicate their school as a secondary option.


- Coach is monitoring mental skills development, such as maturity and independence.

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